About Me

If I were to describe myself with one word, that word would be…gassy…just kidding, it would DEFINITELY be “blessed”. I have a wonderful, loving , beautiful wife and three precious kids whom I love more than anything. Not to mention the family I was blessed to grow up in and all my friends I am blessed to have.

Most everything I can say here shows up somewhere else on this page under interests, or jobs, or favorite movies, etc.

  • I can say I am a corporate slave and I don’t mind it.
  • I am a Christian and I love our church: MyChurch (www.mychurchaz.com)
  • I enjoy watching most sports and playing ALL of them.
  • I HATE it when people change lanes without a turn signal. As a matter of fact, I hate a lot of things about the way other people drive, so I should just leave it at that. Of course, it’s hard to not be so judgemental when one drives as perfectly as I do. 🙂
  • I LOVE to hear my kids laugh and I tickle them selfishly just so I can hear it. I love to hear my wife laugh too but she doesn’t respond as well to tickling…and by “doesn’t respond well” I mean “thrashes violently in an attempt to cause me bodily harm”.
  • I love random facts and learning how cool things work.
  • I love listening to music at work and wish I could sing good…I’d take decently…heck, if I could sing and clap at the same time I’d be content.
  • I am blind as a bat without visual aids of some sort (not anymore!!! see Lasik blog…).
  • I am a germ freak (tough to handle with kids…but that’s what hand sanitizer is for).
  • I am always afraid my most embarassing moment is right around the corner.
  • My favorite food is Peter Piper Pizza, followed by Steaks, followed by my wife’s wonderful Chicken Enchiladas.
  • I have lots of yardwork to do but can always think of a reason to put it off.
  • I’m always worried that I’ve offended someone or about what people think of me.
  • I used to love fishing until I learned how to “clean” them. That is a very misleading term for what happens to a fish before you eat it. I’d still fish if I could find someone to clean the fish for me.
  • I am a conservative, right-wing capitalist when it comes to most issues. But for the sake of an argument, I’ll take any position out there.
  • I like to argue…err…debate.
  • I LOVE roller coasters.

I guess that’s me in the shell of a nut.