The Abomination That Is The Pete’s Dragon Remake

This evening my family and I decided to hit the local multiplex to catch a showing of “The Secret Life of Animals.” How did I like it? That’s beside the point as I saw a trailer before the movie that caused me to burn with righteous indignation. Many of you may have assumed this about me, but what I consider to be of utmost importance may differ slightly from other “normal” people. For example, a country run by ...

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Holy no-surprise! A blog about Batman!

Posted on November 19, 2013

I’m am very competitive. More competitive than you as a matter of fact. You want proof? I’m so competitive, when I am driving a group of people, I will use the power seats to move my seat forward just to know I am going faster than everyone else. It is this intense competitive drive that leads me to rate virtually everything in order to determine which is best (hmmmmm, Charmin toilet paper is affordable and I do like cartoon bears, but ...

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“Bigfoot” Movie Review

Posted on June 2, 2012

I’ve taken a break from blogging recently mainly because I haven’t found anything of note that I’ve been passionate about. That is until tonight. You see, I found a certain movie entitled Bigfoot. We decided to have a family night tonight and watch a film we all could enjoy. Being financially sensible, we limited our choices to the free movies available to us on Amazon due to our Prime membership. You may ask yourself what kind of ...

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Limitless movie review

Posted on December 12, 2011

Every once in a while on evenings when the Biggest Loser or a football game isn’t on Karina and I will sit down and watch a movie together. While neither of us are extremely picky when it comes to movies, our tastes are definitely different. I am more of a stupid comedy, action, mystery kind of guy (preferably a movie with any 2 of those 3 attributes – such as Naked Gun). Karina on the other hand is more into dramas or smarter comedies. And ...

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Midnight Movie!!

Posted on November 19, 2011

Body piercings. Sword swallowing. Black Friday participation. These bizarre oddities of human behavior have always perplexed me. Why would a rationale human participate in endeavors such as these? Well, in order to satiate my hunger for this knowledge in a scientific fashion, I decided to participate in an equally odd ritual: I showed up for a midnight viewing of a movie matinee. Now, some of you may say “David, you are fooling nobody, you ...

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The Dark Knight…and sandals

Posted on July 29, 2008

I recently had the opportunity to catch a little flick that appears to be flying under the radar: The Dark Knight. I am a huge Batman fan and let me tell you, this film did not disappoint. The acting was superb, the action was intense, and the story was more than you’d expect out of a superhero flick. My only complaint has to be with the utter lack of “Kapows” and “Bla-Blams” following Batman’s punches. Perhaps that is a little ...

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