Laser Light Show (that’s a no from me)

Posted on September 24, 2023

In 1960 the modern laser was invented by Theodore Maiman. And just as its promise showed, 6 decades later lasers are now ubiquitous, used in everything from blinding pilots to entertaining cats. Plus whatever I saw Friday night. Technically what I saw was called “Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon Laser Light Music Show.”  But I think a more apt title would have been “Get epilepsy in less than an hour and with a terrible soundtrack”.

If you are asking why this blog is coming out several days after I watched the show, allow me to address your question. I decided to sleep on this one to allow my feelings to truly coalesce. And I also needed to wait for the shapes and colors burned into my retinas to fade so I could see the keyboard.

Karina was very excited about the opportunity to watch this laser light show hosted at the Flandrau planetarium on the University of Arizona campus. She organized a family viewing that included her and I, our three kids and two of their significant others. I understand this show has been around for quite sometime and played at various other dome-shaped theater venues. And you may have seen it yourself. If so, it’s probably time to schedule your next prostate exam. This was my first time being subjected to it though, and on a scale of 1 to 10, I rate it a “welp, that’s something I’ve now done.”


I had zero clue as far as what to expect besides what was indicated in the title. And as soon as the show started, I realized this was an answer to a question I never thought to ask: what would happen if a Spirograph and a Lite Brite mated? Turns out someone should have invested in Spirograph contraceptives as the animations were choppy and simplistic. But at least they shown with the light of a thousand suns. I can see why this would have been pretty incredible to people around the turn of the century…the last century. But now it doesn’t compare visually when we have mind-boggling visual effects like those found in Jurassic Park, Sharknado, Sharknado 2 (The Second One) and Sharknado 4 (The 4th Awakens).


The basic, rudimentary aspect of the animations was fine for many of the geometric shapes, but animations of people (in various stages of undress no less) and animals were creepy. Animals you say? Animals in a Dark Side of the Moon laser show? Why yes. Someone felt the complex message of greed in society would best be conveyed visually by an animated pig and dog flying about willy-nilly chasing a money bag.

At this point, I would like to state that maybe the problem was mine. It seems clear this event is best enjoyed on at least one drug. But I had zero drugs unfortunately, leaving me fully sober and in control of my faculties. I should have used some form of chemical enhancement prior to entering the theater. Heck, even an ibuprofen wouldn’t have hurt.

Another thing that wouldn’t have hurt would have been different music. ANY different music. I am not a Pink Floyd fan although I understand there are many of you who believe that, by my admitting that, I no longer deserve the privilege of owning ears. Personally I think this should would have more appeal if they used a band with more critical and commercial success…perhaps a band like Hootie and the Blowfish. (I refuse to do research for my blogs but I am confident Darius Rucker and company have exceeded this “Pink Lloyd” band in success).

Since this show has been around for a while, I know there are likely some dissenting opinions. Perhaps even amongst my own friends. If you are one who happens to disagree-don’t you have some Metamucil to drink or something?

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