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Dumbbell Diar…errr…Journal

Fitness Journal March 19, 2013  04:56 pm I am so thankful the athletes foot has cleared up. This time my workout was a dream. Only a few more weeks and Karina won’t have to wear flip-flops in the shower. However, I am beginning to find my P90X based workout routine a bit repetitive. I’ve been using the same DVDs for almost 8 months now. Perhaps it’s time ...

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I bequeath thee my teeth

The last few months have been busy ones and updating my blog has fallen to the bottom of my priority list. It seems that every day brings a new home project, after-school activity for the kids, or a doctor/dentist appointment on top of work. It is a dentist appointment that actually got my blog-typing juices flowing. After cleaning up the mess that resulted, I ...

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