Dumbbell Diar…errr…Journal

Posted on March 22, 2013

Fitness Journal

March 19, 2013  04:56 pm

I am so thankful the athletes foot has cleared up. This time my workout was a dream. Only a few more weeks and Karina won’t have to wear flip-flops in the shower. However, I am beginning to find my P90X based workout routine a bit repetitive. I’ve been using the same DVDs for almost 8 months now. Perhaps it’s time to find something new to give the old muscles a fresh jolt.


March 20, 2013   12:11 pm

A-ha! I think I have found just the thing. A DVD on Amazon entitled “The Great Dumbbell DVD”. Based on the cover, it appears to focus on two of my favorite things: dumbbell-based workouts and unprofessional fonts.

It is put together by a serious Russian work-outer named Andre Noel Potvin. Of course, being me, you know that I wouldn’t buy anything unless it received nearly unanimous customer reviews. And thankfully nearly every reviewer (for example, Pondre Atvin, Andre Notvin, and Andenol Vinpot) hails this DVD as the best Dumbbell DVD on the market. I’m sold!!!


March 21, 2013   10:12 am

Yes! I think the DVD has arrived! Oh, wait a minute…it’s just my case of Gold Bond ultra-medicated foot powder. Not sure why I bothered to put this in the journal.


March 21, 2013   02:26 pm

It did come. I’ve opened it now and am a bit disheartened. The cover looks nothing like image on Amazon. I am very disappointed and feel a bit overwhelmed. How will I ever obtain the fabulous body and exude the same confidence as the model on the cover? I might as well open a carton of ice cream.

March 21, 2013  04:17 pm

Well it turns out it wasn’t as hard as I thought. Um…NAILED IT!

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