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Christmas Giving Cheat Sheet

  I love this time of year! Christmas is my favorite holiday and it’s “season” seems to creep earlier and earlier every year. The “official” start in my book is Black Friday…or Black Thursday and-a-Half as it is becoming. Black Friday marks the beginning of the season as the most foolhardy citizens celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior ...

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Holy no-surprise! A blog about Batman!

I’m am very competitive. More competitive than you as a matter of fact. You want proof? I’m so competitive, when I am driving a group of people, I will use the power seats to move my seat forward just to know I am going faster than everyone else. It is this intense competitive drive that leads me to rate virtually everything in order to determine which is best ...

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Kindle Product Review

CONSUMER PRODUCT REVIEW SPECIAL!! Do you ever sit there and think to yourself how cool it is to be alive today? As opposed to being alive 100 years ago, or even 1,000 years ago? I often contemplate the technology I take for granted and how easy it makes my life compared to those who came before. For example, did you know 2-Ply toilet paper wasn’t introduced ...

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Why I post Selfies

A few weeks back I was christened by one of my “friends” as the King of Selfies. As I have virtually no ability to discern sarcasm I am very grateful for this honor. I’m thinking some of you may think my abundance of selfies may be gratuitous/juvenile/self-serving. So I wanted to take a moment and tell you the (very good) reason I choose to post selfies. For ...

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