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I was mauled by a dog!

I had a very interesting night for a Tuesday last night. It involved getting bit by a ferocious beast and a trip to Urgent Care. I should have said “Spoiler Alert” before that last sentence. A little background on the situation: our two female dogs Flopsy and Lani HATE each other with a passion. You may say, “well David, that’s why you don’t get 2 female ...

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Montego, Baby Why Don’t We Go (to Jamaica!)

Watching your children grow and mature brings many blessings: the pride of seeing them interact with the world around them, amazement as they turn from tiny, helpless creatures to mini-adults, and ecstasy as they go to camp which means ADULTS-ONLY VACATION for mom and dad! This being the first year all three of our kiddos were going to YMCA camp, Karina and I ...

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