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Exploring more senses

I’m back with more insight into my spiral into insanity. I’m sure people are starting to wonder about me due to my obsession with bathroom humor and germs. Well, not to disappoint, I’m going to combine those subjects and talk about some situations we all face. Rather than being crazy, I like to think of myself of an everyman’s hero. I explore the “sensi...

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The other day I was surfing the net and happened to stumble across the article found at the following link: (Random digression: can one really “stumble” while “surfing”? I submit that one cannot. The correct terminology for happening across something on the internet should be “wiped out”.) I will ...

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Recently I’ve found myself eating out far more than I should. While more expensive than eating at home, I have been unable to resist the convenience, service, and tastiness of restaurants. My experiences over the past few weeks have given me some ideas that I would incorporate in a restaurant, were I ever to open one. I think the combination of these items, and ...

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