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Los Angeles Mission Trip

I want to first start out by thanking everyone who supported MyChurch’s missions trip to downtown Los Angeles through prayer or any other means. I truly feel the trip was a big success as it went safely, our group members each took something away from the trip, and we had a very positive impact while we were there. Due to a few recent instances of folks coming ...

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Hawaii Trip Part 3 (Final)

Day 4 – Hilo After leaving Maui, our ship sailed to the “Big Island”. Around the Hawaiian islands this island is called “Hawaii”, but to avoid confusion with others such as myself, it is referred to as the Big Island. We learned it is the youngest and largest of the islands and is the home of an active volcano. Our first day on the Big Island was on the ...

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Hawaii Trip Part 2

Disclaimer: I realize these posts may seem petty as I am pointing out things on the trip that did not go as planned or advertised. I am sure I am not eliciting any pity from you as I was in freakin' Hawaii. However, I am not complaining, just pointing out things that were unusual. If everything went according to plan, I'd just put up a trip brochure and say" "we ...

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