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Chicks Dig the Wheels

There are few things that scream “80’s” like roller skating does. Notable exceptions being neon leg warmers and excitable weatherman Chuck George in early spring. Karina and I both spent a good portion of our formative years in the 80’s roller skating so, like most normal parents, we decided our kids youth should be spent in the exact same manner as ours. So, ...

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Book Fair!

Nothing makes a father’s heart prouder than to hear what my son Ashton came home from school asking last week. His teacher told him about the book fair being held this past weekend and he wanted to know if we could go. At first I thought, “what a ridiculous idea.” A fair for books? They aren’t even sentient beings? How in the world could they enjoy fair ...

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It took quite a bit of courage to initially admit to you that I occasionally peruse celebrity gossip magazines (see previous posts). I can’t quite place my finger on their appeal but I think it has something to do with seeing famous people doing ordinary things (John Hamm buys toilet paper?! I do that too!!!). When stuck in a waiting room I’ll read any magazine, ...

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