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Wildcats #1 Fan! (Case Closed)

I get the impression that some people think I am a “poser” when it comes to being a fan of my beloved Arizona Wildcats. ¬†For example, I was informed that I was not a serious fan if I didn’t have the PAC-12 Network. Oh, I am a fan alright. Not only of the Cats, but also a successful marriage. This is why I stick with (PAC-12 Network-less) DirecTV ...

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Phat Wildcat Back Tat (aka The Price of Fame)

In the interest of full disclosure, I wanted to begin this blog by informing you that David is not actually writing this. Due to recent events he has found the need to hire an assistant to coordinate responses to his many, many fans and to ghost write this blog. I do have a name but David has indicated I am not allowed to refer to myself using it. His rational is ...

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