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Dodgeball Tournament!

I am a huge fan of sports and I’m usually game to try pretty much anything (except beer pong). So when my local Schwann’s man mentioned he was a professional dodgeball player and invited me to come out and play sometime, my interest was piqued. He’s a pretty good guy (at least I thought, more to come on that). Looking back, I think he invited me out as he could ...

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Ashton Played Basketball in McKale!

This week Ashton was afforded an awesome opportunity I would have killed for as a kid. He recently played in a youth basketball league through USA Youth Sports that ended in early December. The head of the league called us Tuesday and asked if Ashton would be interested n playing an exhibition game with some other kids during halftime of the U of A women’s game. ...

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Limitless movie review

Every once in a while on evenings when the Biggest Loser or a football game isn’t on Karina and I will sit down and watch a movie together. While neither of us are extremely picky when it comes to movies, our tastes are definitely different. I am more of a stupid comedy, action, mystery kind of guy (preferably a movie with any 2 of those 3 attributes – such as ...

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