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I got my tattoo!!

Rather than a monotonous play-by-play of my experience, I thought I'd try something a little bit new. I would attempt to delve into you, my loyal reader's, psyche. While in your psyche I would root around a bit to find the burning questions you have about my tattoo. Here's what I came out with: (You) What made you want a tattoo? (Me) Good question friend. I ...

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Recently an outbreak of tattoos has sprung up at church and I failed to get myself vaccinated. All of the sudden I have an appointment to get “inked” (as those of us in the tattooed community* call it) this Friday! That’s right, I have only 5 days or so to enjoy my wondrous blank canvas of a body. *shortly This is a pretty big change for me as I have gone ...

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Changing Oil Like a Boss!

As is the case every 3 months or 3,000 miles I recently found myself needing an oil change for my truck. RAMantha, as she is affectionately known (I thought of RAMuel L. Jackson too late) deserves only the best treatment. That is why my first call was to the local Dodge dealership to find out the price of an oil change. I was quoted $95. Yamahama! “Heck no” was ...

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Under the Dome – An Unbiased Review

I love Stephen King's novels as much as the next long as the next guy can give or take them. For example, I find his shorter stories to be very intriguing (ie. The Mist) but many of his full length novels tend to be a bit least I assume as I didn't read them. Recently I found out about his novel called "Under the Dome" which had a fascinating ...

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