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I am skepti-cool

This blog is definitely not in the vein of my normal posts but it does shed light on the inner workings of my brain when I am not entirely consumed by the human digestive system. I recently had a brief engagement regarding the subject of this blog and was politely told I should “read a book”. After a burning through the Twilight series and Dr. Seuss’ Hop on ...

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Happy Birthdizzle to me!

I was humbly overwhelmed by the many wishes for a happy birthday that were sent from all of my friends. With so many people counting on me to have a good day it felt shallow to just respond with a "I had a great day". How in the world would you know if that was true or not? You wouldn't!! So I have decided to provide you with evidence that, per your wishes, my ...

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PUB22 Review

Let me first start out by saying you and I have a lot in common. For example, our favorite pizzas are (obviously) from Peter Piper Pizza. When I’m bored, (does this even need to be said?) like you I enjoy juggling rubber band balls while gargling cough syrup. Finally, I wasn’t a big fan of El Charro either. My excitement when their restaurant opened in Sahuarita ...

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