Why I post Selfies

Posted on November 4, 2013

A few weeks back I was christened by one of my “friends” as the King of Selfies. As I have virtually no ability to discern sarcasm I am very grateful for this honor. I’m thinking some of you may think my abundance of selfies may be gratuitous/juvenile/self-serving. So I wanted to take a moment and tell you the (very good) reason I choose to post selfies.

For those of you lucky enough to have thus far avoided my FaceBook page, here is a collage of recent selfies I have posted:



There is more where that came from

Before I continue, I think some of you may not be familiar with the term “selfie”. I did some research online and this is the definition of sefie from the Oxford Dictionary (!):

“a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website.” 

While searching for this I came across this alternate definition from the Urban Dictionary:

“An act usally carried out by girls aged 12-21, the act involves taking photos of ones self while posing. If the act is carried out by a man, he is usally seen as being gay.”

Reeeeaaaaalllll funny internet.

So, on to my rationale. Unfortunately I just can’t trust everything I see. Humans have a tendency to lie. Every time I see you post a picture from somewhere cool without your face I think “suuuuuuuure, I BET they are there” or “Eiffel Tower, Shmeiffel Shmower”. I don’t want my friends to have to wonder whether I am pulling their legs or not. So I always take a picture proving my location/emotion/activity. It adds an air of credibility to my post. You simply can’t even be bothered with doubts as to my post’s legitimacy.

For example, here is a picture I took on a recent space trip. You’ll notice I refrained from taking a selfie in this picture.


SIKE! I got you! I’ve never been to space. But you had no way of knowing did you? I could say I am anywhere I want but, unless you see my face there, you’ll never fully believe me.

In conclusion, you are welcome for the selfies. Also, I expect to see them in all of your future posts lest I be forced to question your credibility. To paraphrase my good friend Dave Miller: “Selfie or it didn’t happen.”

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