Posted on December 13, 2007

There are few things I enjoy more than, or put in my body more frequently than food. The only exception to the former being basketball and to the latter: Q-tips. Therefore, since the fact that I eat food nearly THREE TIMES A DAY qualifies me as a pseudo-expert, I thought I’d share some food related information. 

Unfortunately, our family tends to eat out more often than we should. Grabbing food while we are out running errands (such as grabbing food) is too convenient to pass up. Depending on our moods, we have several different establishments we like to frequent. If we are in a “let’s guarantee our food order gets messed up” mood, we’ll hit up a Taco Bell. On the other hand, if we are in a “must have food that is greasier than a 12 year old chocoholics face” mood, we’ll stop at Lucky Wishbone. 

Unrelated side note: One of my new favorite restaurants is El Guero Canelo. They have carne asada burritos (or “burros” in Spanish) and Sonoran hot dogs that are to die for. This is probably due to the fat and cholesterol content. But beware, I’ve found that only 85% of people introduced to Guero’s (pronounced “wed-oh’s”) fall immediately in love with the succulent beef and cheeses. Karina happens to be part of the 12% an estimated 3% are indifferent). This is because she has no taste (except obviously in men). 

We are trying to prepare food at home more often. Not only is this cheaper to prepare, it is (theoretically) healthier. Not everyone in our family is a fan of this. In fact, Ashton’s three favorite foods are chicken nuggets, pizza, and “I don’t want to try that”. The pizza I am ok with as everyone knows all major food groups are covered in a good old pepperoni pizza, but he does not like to branch out (pronounced ‘bran-ch ow-t’).  

I love to barbeque personally. There is nothing better than a steak/burger/hot dog fresh of the grill. If you prefer to cook in an environment that is 1.) not exposed to the elements and 2.) does not include the risk of propane explosion, I thought I would give you a cooking recipe to try out. 

The following instructions are for my favorite home-cooked meal: chicken enchiladas. Step 1 is to purchase the following: skinless chicken breasts, cheese, green chiles, cream of mushroom soup, and corn tortillas. Step 2 is yell “Karina, make me some chicken enchiladas”. Note to self: delete the last paragraph before publishing this blog. Self, you surely don’t want to sleep in the doghouse in this weather! 

My personal specialty is two wheat-based raised dough slabs enveloping a creamy peanut paste combined with grape preserves’. I like to call it a “peanut butter and jelly samwhich”. I can provide this recipe if anyone is interested. 

I am looking forward to trying new foodal concoctions in the future. Of all the food and ingredients stored in our packed pantry, we tend to only use the front 10% of the items. I am afraid to see what lies in the back of the pantry. For as long as it’s been since I’ve been back there, I wouldn’t be surprised to find “Uncle Grog’s rice” and boxes of Trix from back when rabbits were not discriminated from enjoying them.  

Well, I’d better run. I’m hungry and in a “want to be up all night with heartburn and diharea” mood. As soon as I get back from Arby’s I’ll start contemplating my next blog.

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