T-Minus 2 until #BB16…YAHTZEE!

Posted on June 23, 2014

Excitement is building in our household as we are T minus 2 days from my sister Christine’s big national TV debut on Big Brother! Facebook is atwitter and Twitter is a-Facebook with all manner of analysis and opinions on how this season will play out. Thankfully from what we’ve seen from our selective group of social media sites, Christine seems to have a good chance of going far into the competition.

Official Big Bro Shot

Of course, I am relying on my wife Karina for this information, as I have been largely absent from researching this season. Karina is always telling me to check out this article or listen to that interview with Christine. I have been shying away from this for two reasons:

  1. I grew up with her and got to hear her “interviews” (requested or not) quite frequently growing up. This is as quiet as she has been so I will go ahead and enjoy this. (Kidding of course about this one)
  2. I am afraid I will run into an unfavorable analysis of my sister. This is also one reason I am nervous about this season of Big Brother. As a big brother, it is my sacred obligation to beat anyone up who disses my sis (and she in turn must beat anyone up who makes fun of a 33 year old man using the term "disses my sis"). God only gave me two sets of knuckles so I have to use them wisely.

Christine Baby

What’s that Christine?! They called you wrinkly and incontinent? How dare they! You just tell me who said that. Who? Use your big girl words…

As I have heard, the competitors should be in the house by now. As a matter of fact, they could already have been in for 2 days already. If I were in the competition, two very specific parts of my strategy would be in effect:

  1. By now my snoring would be starting to have it’s intended effect on my competitors: namely sleep deprivation leading to incoherence. Karina has verified this aspect of my strategy is indeed foolproof. But then again, she may just be sleep deprived.
  2. I would have realized my plan not to poop in the shared bathroom for 3 months may have a serious flaw. 

Alas, I will not be in the competition myself because I have not, nor will I, apply. Spending the night with a group of selfish, conniving humans is not fun. I know this because I had a campout in the living room with my kids. NEVER AGAIN!

I will definitely be watching though. The DVR is already set to record so we are set. Make sure you are as well! TEAM CHRISTINE!!

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