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Posted on August 5, 2011

Earlier this year, after much prayer and deliberation with my wife Karina, I made a pretty significant life change: I decided to start using a “shampoo + conditioner in one” product. As my silky locks now attest, this was a decision long overdue. Oh, also I decided to leave my awesome, stable job with Raytheon to work at home with my wife.

This was a decision we did not take lightly. In addition to prayer and deliberation, we also spoke with several members of our families whose typical reaction was “WHAT?! ARE YOU CRAZY?!” and “what does she do again?” My typical answer was “she runs a webhosting company called ShoppePro (the website is here…along with proof on the “About Us” page that I am related to the talented genius that is her: http://www.shoppepro.com/). She assists work at home moms with setting up businesses on ‘the internet’, which is all the rage with the kids today I guess.”

But still, people ask “but what does she DO?” Well it turns out it’s actually not that hard to explain. Now that I spend hours a day sitting directly across from her, I can tell you exactly what she does: mostly typing, some moving the mouse around, and then some thinking.

All kidding aside (for a brief period of time), as a webhost, she rents website owners the web server space needed to store their website. Her company also offers many other services and, most importantly, awesome customer service (which I hope to contribute to). While this concept seems easy in theory, it is actually super confusing (at least to me) and has only reinforced the pride I take in being married to such a smart and talented woman, as Karina basically taught all of this as well as web design and some other stuff to herself. The only thing I can question is her judgment as she chose to marry me. Perhaps I am nothing more than a trophy husband (alright “friends” I’ll finish your joke for you: “yeah, a LAST PLACE trophy”).

I left Raytheon in June and have found the life of a work at home dad to be quite an adjustment. Some of the Pros are more time with my children, a flexible work schedule, “generous” dress code, and a true sense of ownership in what I do. Some of the Cons are the lack of a defined schedule (which my Type A personality needs lest I degenerate into a mood that can only be described as “grumpy”), missing my friends from Raytheon, and having to deal with slightly more immature, sensitive beings who are crying more often than not (just kidding Raytheon!).

While I envisioned immediately jumping in to this new work arrangement by gleaning all of Karina’s knowledge through osmosis, it has turned out a bit different, though not in a bad way. The kids have been out of school for summer so part of my new job has been playing Mr. Mom. This was a role I was born for (says my hairless face and lack of natural aversion to the feces of a 2 year old)! I’ve been hanging out with the kids, taking them to places like the pool and the library, and doing some housework like the dishes. And lest you get the impression that I have been neutered, I have also been doing manly house things requiring the use of a hammer and nails.

As time goes along I expect my new position to bring me topics for future blogs. And, now that I work from home, I do not fear the possibility of reprisal from the federal government for posting blogs as I possibly did with my last employer. However, now that I am home, it feels as if I am busier than I was before. There is volunteering with church, school meet and greets, the PTO, etc. Ah, the life of a soccer dad…

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