Happy Birthdizzle to me!

Posted on September 13, 2013

I was humbly overwhelmed by the many wishes for a happy birthday that were sent from all of my friends. With so many people counting on me to have a good day it felt shallow to just respond with a “I had a great day”. How in the world would you know if that was true or not? You wouldn’t!! So I have decided to provide you with evidence that, per your wishes, my birthday was indeed happy.

For those of you who HADN’T wished me happy birthday, I wanted to show you that, despite you apparently not wanting me to have a happy day, I did so anyways. So your hopes were dashed!! (Vengeful laugh!)

My wonderful day started later than normal as Karina got up to get the kids ready for school so I could sleep in.


Feeling rested and celebratory, I immediately began my birthday workout.


Now you might be content spending your birthday smelling like a Hockey locker room but not me! Even on a day celebrating my 33rd consecutive year of successfully surviving, I thought of others and decided to take a shower.


Here I am singing my favorite Celine Dion tune “All By Myself”. 

Feeling refreshed and nowhere near another year older I sat down and began to do some work…yes, ON MY BIRTHDAY! (My boss is a slavedriver but PLEASE don’t tell her I said that)


What’s this? Another complicated billing issue? 

Working 2

Ha! This issue is no match for me! You’ll have to try harder next year non-happy birthday wishers!

As I share my birthday with my son Ashton (best and most gooey 23rd birthday present ever!) we headed out to get some Dunkin’ Donuts to bring into his classroom.

Dunkin' Donuts


Ashton Class

The donuts were a hit! And, perhaps it was due to his birthday, his school chums call him names like “loser” and “booger face” a lot less than mine did. Silly kids.

For dinner I got to choose our meal (Ashton got to pick for his birthday sleepover). This will come as a surprise to know one but I picked Peter Piper Pizza! Literally my favorite food of all time. You disagree? Well, how does it feel to be wrong?


After a wonderful morning/day/evening with my kids Ashton came up to me and asked: “dad, does EVERYONE poop?” I told him “well son, I’ve been waiting for you to ask that. I have just the book for us tonight.”


After reading together and putting the kids to bed I hit the sack myself. All in all it was a wonderful birthday. One of my top 33 ever in fact. Thank you all for your wishes as they were indeed accomplished!


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